Monday, May 9, 2011

Stuff I have to teach my nephews

- Teach them to yell "are you having sex?!" every time he knocks on a locked door.
- Teach my nephews a new game called “Hide the Remote”. The rules were simple, if they see a remote, they must hide it. As long as it is hidden, they are winning.

- Every time we ride in the car together with my sister and we pass a cop car, I go "Act casual, it's the fuzz."
So, of course, my sister gets pulled over. First words out of the oldest's mouth were of course, "Act casual, it's the fuzz."
I laugh it about it now, my sister, not so much.
- Teach them to set and hide egg timers
- Teach teem the 'Slap hands on cheeks and scream AAAAHHHHHHHH!' from Home Alone. I also watched the movie with them so they got the context. They really love to run into their parent's room in the middle of the night and do it.


  1. lol what did the cop do when your nephew said that? pretty funny..

  2. Enter room full of guys, sniff-sniff, say "It smells like sex in here" as is done in Super Troopers

  3. Sounds like great things to teach them ;)