Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Indian who never forgets

A man was on they way to visit his mother-in-law. The train made a stop next to a small Indian village. The man had heard that in this particular village there was a famous Indian Who Never Forgets.

The man thought to himself, "that can't be true, he must forget at least once in a while," so he sought out this Indian to test his memory. He found the Indian sitting cross-legged in a tent.

"I am the Indian who never forgets! What can I do for you?" the Indian said.

"I'm skeptical about your ability to never forget." said the man. "Could you tell me what you had for breakfast last Monday?"

"Two eggs," the Indian said.

Convinced, the man went on his way.

Thirty years later, the same man was on his was to his late mother-in-law's funeral. The train stopped by the same Indian village and the man decided he would pay the Indian Who Never Forgets a quick visit.

The Indian, now of very old age, was sitting in the same tent as thirty years ago. The man entered the tent, smiled, gave a friendly wave and said, "Hao!"

"Scrambled," the Indian replied.


  1. Great story :D! LOL he probably eats eggs everyday

  2. That is a good story. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Hahaha nice story man, I always wanted to go to India... It's not my first option to travel, but there is something misterious about it