Monday, March 21, 2011

You gotta do what the voice tells ya

Monday morning, a lonely baker is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. All of a sudden he hears a deep, booming voice telling him: "Michael, sell your bakery..!"

The baker freezes, stares at himself in the mirror, eyes wide and mouth open, and thinks to himself: "What the hell was that?"

Later the same day, the baker is baking a cake all alone at work.
"Michael, sell your bakery..!" The baker stops, looks around but no one's there. "Seriously, this is creepy", he thinks. "Either this is some sick joke or I'm losing my mind."

At night when the baker is lying in his bed, again the deep booming voice commands him: "Michael, sell your bakery..!"
He can't sleep all night, and the next day he places an ad in the local newspaper: "Bakery for sale." The deep, booming voice is gone.
On Wednesday morning the phone rings: a millionaire wants to buy the bakery, and is willing to offer ten times more than the baker was expecting!

Friday night, right after the baker closes the deal and gets his money, the deep, booming voice comes back: "Michael, go to Las Vegas..!"
The baker doesn't think twice, books the plane ticket and on Saturday night he's wondering the lights of Vegas.

"Michael, go to the casino..!" the deep, booming voice tells him, and he goes.
"Michael, play blackjack..!", and the baker sits at the blackjack table.
"Michael, bet everything you own..!", and after a short hesitation, the baker puts all his money on the table.

His first hand is 17. "That's pretty good", he thinks.
"Michael, take a card...!" the deep, booming voice commands. And sure enough, he takes a card. An ace, 18 in hand.
"Michael, take a card...!" the voice commands. The baker hesitates, "18 is good." But he takes a card. Again an ace.

"Michael, take a card...!" The baker is sweating and thinks "19 is great, I can only have a deuce or I will lose everything..." "Take a card..!" the voice commands. And the baker takes another card. An ace! "Oh yeah!" the baker exclaims.
"Michael, take a card...!" the deep, booming voice keeps repeating. "No way, 20 is enough!"
"Take a card..!"
The baker is extremely nervous and doubtful, but hands shaking he takes the last card. An ace. 21. Blackjack.
The deep, booming voice says silently: "Un-fucking-beliveable."


  1. Hahahhaa, cool voice to have there.

  2. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  3. that made me chuckle a bit. great read

  4. Great read - I get nervous about Vegas though, I find a lot of people I know have been getting their identity stolen there recently.

  5. Well told!

    I'm following you now btw.

  6. if you kill yourself, you will still live on because it is not your time yet..

  7. Michael? This is about Knight Rider then :D