Saturday, March 5, 2011

A mind is a terrible thing to... loose

There was an old man sitting on a park bench crying. A young jogger passing by stops to see what's the matter.
Old man: I'm 93 years old and I just got married to a beautiful 22 year old girl. She has long brown hair, a gorgeous smile and an amazing body.
Jogger: Is she using you for your money?
Old man: No she loves me. Every night after cooking me a delicious dinner she puts on her lingerie, does a slow sexy strip-tease for me and makes love to me all night long.
Jogger: are you crying because you can't perform?
Old man: No the doc gave me Viagra and my new wife couldn't be happier.
Jogger: Then why are you crying what's the problem?!?!
Old man: I forgot where I live!