Monday, March 14, 2011

Okay, so I am not really fluent in "Navy Speak"

This is a conversation I recently had with my buddy who wanted to show me around his naval base.

Me: "OK, so here we are on this ship--"
Him: "Boat."
Me: "What?"
Him ..."This is a submarine. Submarines are 'boats'. Everything else in the Navy is a ship, but submarines are boats."
Me: "Oh. Er ... what about a gunboat?"
Him: "That's a ship."
Me: "Well, what's a gunSHIP, then?"
Him: "That's a helicopter."


  1. :D
    to say it with the words of matt groening
    yvan eht nioj

  2. If he is working at the navy he must have had a really good education? That probably explains the wordtrouble

  3. hahahaha what mac-and-me said... XD

  4. this is why they need such in depth training

  5. Nor should you be... no one should be fluent in Navy Speak.

  6. If you wanna be fluent in "Navy Speak" just say fuck alot. haha