Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some sound advise

My father once told me "Son, a piece you turn down is a piece you'll never get again."

He then went on to point out that maybe you could bag that same piece some other time down the road, but then you would have just hit it once when you could have hit it twice.

Pa's math was on point, but why he told a nine-year-old this is beyond me...


  1. Haha, your father probably tried to mangle a great thinker of you :)

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  2. sounds true!


  3. If "piece" means what I think it is, then I, too, am unsure as to why you'd get to hear that as a 9 year-old!

    Doesn't take away from the truth of the lesson, though.

  4. Great advise, wish I knew it when I was younger. I myself have turned down my share of 'pieces' lol, and i regret it.

  5. all I remember my father saying is
    "ahh I see said the blind man"
    whenever I figured something out...

  6. he also said "ye who uses captcha is a fool"

  7. I wish my own father would have given me advice as great as this when I was 9. I really do....