Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paperless office my ass, right?

When I was doing desktop technical support, I had a guy call in on some issue, and I helped him out with it. During the small talk at the end of the call (while I'm updating my notes), he was explaining to me how great of a customer he was, and that he had spent a lot of money with our company.
The conversation went like this:

Guy: Yeah, I bought this computer, and one of your printer/scanner combos, and I went ahead and bought 10 ink cartridges for the printer, because I use them so fast.

Me: (Thinking that this might be a sales opportunity) So, what exactly are you printing with all those cartridges? You might be better off with a laser printer.

Guy: Well, I run a cell phone tower construction business. I've got crews all over the nation. Every week, at the end of the week, each crew leader emails me their teams' timecards in Word format. So, what I do, is I print them out from all of the emails. Then, when I have all the timecards printed, I put them in a stack and scan them in, so that I can keep track of all the timecards for that week in one single Word file.

Me: Okay, and you're keeping the paper copies for record keeping purposes?

Guy: No, I shred them.

Me: ...


  1. "Souljah boy, you gotta crank that from left to right. CRANK THAT SOULJA BOY!"

  2. Wow... it scares me that someone like that can get a job and I can't.....

  3. Lol what a waste of paper